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We’ve Moved!

We have moved!

The 10th July saw the dawn of the meetings at our new venue, Pure Offices, Morley. It was great to welcome our new members and we appreciate your support.

Going forward we are very optimistic that the new venue will prove a great opportunity to bring businesses together in a professional and corporate environment.

We know we can’t compete with the breakfasts at our previous venue, The Toby Carvery, so no Yorkshire puddings I’m afraid, but we hope you like the addition of the ‘healthier option’ as well as the bacon sandwiches. The Linda McCartney sausages went down a treat so we will be upping the order for those next time! Whilst we are on the subject we must thank The Toby Carvery for their help and support in getting In Business off the ground, we will miss the Yorkies.

We think that you will agree that breakfast in the break-out area gave a good opportunity to network in a relaxed and informal manner. We are aiming for a ‘no pressure’ style of networking, where we can work as a team to help and support each other. Although there is no pressure to bring a referral or a visitor, it is in everyone’s interests and we welcome and encourage you to do so. So, if you know of any other small business owners who In Business might be useful to, please bring them along.  With Carla’s help, we will encourage others from the building to come along too.

We want you to get value from the membership not only through the connections you make but from the education. If there is a subject that you think would be of benefit to the group please make us aware, we want to offer the most relevant training we can. We have several members joined up now and we are looking to increase that number substantially over the next couple of months.

This has been ‘our’ members spotlight but in future it will be a chance for members to promote their business, tell us about the launch of a new product or service or just generally share their good news!

‘Til next time…….on 24th July at 9.30am 

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