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Training and support is the key if you are a new start-up or a small business in Leeds!

As the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. How can you be expected to know everything when you are new to business? Even established businesses can always learn more. Developing your business skills and knowledge keeps you ahead of the game in a rapidly changing landscape. This is the key to success. We believe you should never stop learning.

At In Business we understand the pressure of running a business on your own, we know, we’ve done it! It’s not wrong to try to do everything yourself but sometimes you need a bit of help and support, it can be lonely. That’s why, at In Business, we offer you our commitment and support to help you gain that extra knowledge to make your life easier, so you aren’t alone.

As part of your In Business membership you are able to attend 4 of our training sessions free of charge.

If you aren’t a member you are still able to attend the sessions, take a look, see what you could be missing.

We have a program of events throughout the year all carefully chosen to give a structure and backbone to our training on the vital skills and knowledge you need to run a business.

Below is a list of the training sessions, we look forward to seeing you there.

Training Dates for your diary

Thursday 12th March 2020 9.15am – 1.00pm

How to create innovative and sustainable marketing channels, to WOW your audience and grow your business

You will learn how these marketing experts tackle the common challenges you face as a modern business.

From focusing on and streamlining your marketing efforts to giving you the tools to help you build your digital marketing strategy more effectively.

This will help those with little time and resources to generate innovative and sustainable marketing channels creating engagement with your prospects and customers.

Click HERE to book the morning session followed by a networking lunch included.

Thusday 12th March 12.15 – 3.30pm

How to create compelling video content and the strategies to get it seen by your target audience

Video marketing is quickly becoming an important part of any businesses marketing toolkit.

Our training workshops have been put together to help people better understand their audience. Who are they, where are they and what will they watch?

You will learn what video content to make to appeal to your target audience, how to upload to YouTube and create subtitles that you can use on your social media channels.

By considering your target audience and looking at the message you want to send, Gareth will help you understand the importance of creating compelling content.

This will help those with little time and resources to generate videos to use in your marketing strategy, to create engagement with your prospects and customers.

Click HERE to book the afternoon session preceded by a networking lunch included.

Attend each event separately or get a discount for attending the whole day.

Or click HERE for the full day including a networking lunch.


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