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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Can I attend a meeting before becoming a member?
A –
Please feel free to attend three meetings before joining, to help you discover how In Business will work for you.

Q – Why should I network?
A –
Networking is the best way to meet new business contacts. It’s all about building long term business relationships. It allows you to potentially meet your next biggest client, supplier or even someone who could be your most important introducer! Most importantly, it’s a fun way to meet lots of interesting new people. Remember, everyone has a story to tell!

Q – What should I prepare?
A –
All you need is a pen, paper/pad for making notes and some business cards. Be open-minded and keen to participate! It’s also helpful to give some thought to who you would most like to connect with.

Q – What should I wear?
A – You can wear what you would normally wear for business.

Q – What’s for breakfast?

A – We have a range of food to suit all diets, there will be a selection of bacon and vegetarian sausage sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt, nuts, seeds and oats, pastries and muffins.

Q – How much does it cost to become a member?
A – You can find the current membership details here.

Q – What happens if I can’t make a meeting?
A – If you are unable to attend, it’s great to have someone else come to the meeting to represent your business. It can be someone else from within your organisation, or one of your business contacts who is happy to come along.

Q – What else should I do to make sure that In Business will work for me?
A –
One REALLY important thing is to arrange regular meetings with each member. Meet for a coffee and an informal chat; this will help you strengthen your relationship and learn more about how you can help each other.

Q – I think your website looks great; how can I get one like it?
A – Get in touch with the team at Buffalo Web Design – they will be delighted to help you.

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