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Would you consider cold calling a thing of the past?

Would you consider cold calling a thing of the past?

Is cold calling a thing of the past?

Often it ends in rejection, and none of us like that do we?

Just when you think you are being put through to the person you want to speak to it goes to voicemail and you leave a hopeful, cheery message asking them to return your call, only to no avail. Or you state you will ring back later and again it’s goes back into the loop of ‘sorry he can’t take your call/she’s out of the office’ and you get put through to the voicemail. Frustrating isn’t it?

Only a very small percentage of cold calls ultimately convert into appointments so why are we wasting our time? According to research by the Keller Research Center at Baylor University “9 out of 10 top level B2B decision makers don’t respond to cold calling anymore”. Sales reps tend to only make 2 calls to reach a prospective client when, in fact, it takes more than 7 touches to generate a lead. By touches it means things like connecting on LinkedIn, liking and sharing their prospects posts or meeting someone at an event.

Keller RC also say that “84% of B2B sales start the buying journey with a referral” and “3 out of 4 people say they prefer to do business with someone who has been referred by a person they know”.

So, to avoid these scenarios what can we do?

The answer isn’t, as you might think, to go on lengthy sales training courses that promises you will convert more calls into sales, or to brush up on your sales technique.

The answer is in networking, why?

You get to meet like-minded business people who all want to build their network of advocates. Your advocates will then grow to trust you and your brand and have faith that if they refer you, you will do a good job. It’s not always what you know but who you know and that seems to be more prevalent these days. It doesn’t mean what it used to with ‘back-handers’ being given left, right and centre! These people will genuinely want to pass business on to you because they believe in you. People buy from people and if they get to know you, they will recommend you.

Each person at a networking event will have hundreds of contacts that they can introduce you to therefore opening up your opportunity to connect and do business with them too. It just makes sense to network!

Why not give it a go, it’s not as scary as you think. After all, you are just having a conversation with someone and that’s something we do every day!  Here at In Business we like to think we have a more relaxed way of doing networking and if you want more hints and tips just visit our blog on the 7 networking fears most of us experience.

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