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What you experience at In Business….

What you will experience at In Business……

Here at In Business you will get a friendly greeting from people who want to help you get more business.

You get the opportunity at every meeting to introduce yourself to the whole group.

You will experience a ‘Fast 5’ where you will have 1-2-1’s with other members of the group.

You get a chance to ‘Identify and Specify’ your target audience and who you are looking to speak to.

As founders of the group we will endeavour to have an in depth 1-2-1 with all new members so that we can define how we can help you personally.

You get to meet like-minded business people.

Each meeting will feature a guest educator who will give an introductory presentation that will lead on to one of our monthly training sessions. These sessions will go into more detail and often be an interactive, hands-on experience. As a member you are welcome to attend 4 trainings sessions throughout your year of membership and these are free of charge. We encourage you to attend other sessions but there will be a small charge of £20 thereafter to cover room hire and refreshments and the training.

There will be a monthly e-newsletter with a chance to feature in the ‘Members Spotlight’ and see the value of the business passed between members that month. We will also promote the training courses here so you are aware of the program of events.

We will link up with you on all social media platforms and like and share your posts to help increase your brand awareness. We will offer support by way of the Facebook group which we will invite you to join.

After you attend a meeting, we will send out a full list of attendees so that this can be used to make contact with the person who offered to help you.


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